Welcome to my universe

I\' m Vlad
Full Stack developer

I am in Riga


Development and programming in all modern and popular languages ​​and frameworks


Development and refinement of Backends and APIs, working with other people's code, writing documentation, commenting code, testing load and security

CMS Development

Development based on existing CMS systems. Connecting, configuring and writing new add-ons, plugins and extensions. Fine tuning CMS and optimization in speed and SEO requirements


I am always in touch, I cooperate with development teams, I will join the project team. I use task managers and version control systems


Mockup, Design, Development and programming of UX/UI web and mobile applications


Code optimization, SEO analysis, JSON-LD markup, OpenGraph, Microdata, Yandex and Google search engine requirements, optimization for social networks

Some information about yourself

About me

A programmer by nature, I systematize and structure everything. He studied live at the time of the appearance and creation of languages. At the University, the program was late with modern trends. I am constantly developing, spending time analyzing new technologies and studying successful approaches. Worked abroad. Have experience in OpenSource teams. I speak Russian, English and Latvian. Clients from different countries. Self-employed and own SIA to work with legal entities.

The main skills I can be proud of

Backend Programming
Connecting and working with API
Development and maintenance of Big Data
Frontend development
Development of add-ons and extensions for CMS

The main programming languages that I know at a professional level


Common technologies that have been successfully implemented and developed many times

CRM client management systems
Content Management Systems CMS
AMS Advertising Management Systems
Automated control systems
Application and game management and control systems

Popular areas of development in which I participated

Startups and Business projects
entertainment industry
Fintech and banking services
Applied tasks

A few tools that I can't work without and that increase the speed of development

Git/SVN version controllers
Task managers Redmine/Jira/Trello
Prototyping Figma/Balsamiq/Sketch
Database Design DbDiagram/SqlDBM/Dbdesigner/Lucidchart
Virtualization and containerization Docker/Jail/OpenVZ/Chroot
What can I do for you

My quality services

All options for development services that I offer and provide cannot be collected. Here are the main ones, which are the core of cooperation. All related and additional developments go in the complex

My great projects

My completed projects

A few recent projects that are especially memorable. Write a request and the scope of your project, I will send more examples

Highly stable online auction, with client management system and payment system

A multi-level project for the sale and organization of entertainment, with planning, sales control and event management

Free email service completely built from scratch

Delivery and payment of pizza

Sale and accounting of precious stones

Furniture store, with additional products, various options and discounts with sales and payment planning

What tasks are ahead of you

My great prices

The cost is the determining parameter when deciding on the choice of a developer. To achieve a high-quality result, you need to be a professional in everything. My suggestions are not expensive, given the guaranteed results.


Content Management Systems

25 per hour
  • Development on popular CMS
  • SEO optimization CMS
  • Multilingual CMS
  • Installing and writing plugins
  • Design and layout of templates


Server side development

35 per hour
  • Backend and Backoffice Development
  • Database development and optimization
  • Connecting and creating an API
  • Finding and fixing bugs
  • Modification and refactoring


Client side development

45 per hour
  • mockup sketches
  • UI/UX interfaces
  • HTML/CSS/JS Layout and animation
  • Binding to template engine
  • Connecting to the API

I searched for a long time and could not find a person who did not disappear and did the tasks on time. We have been cooperating for 8 years

Irena - Online store owner

Over 12 years of work, more than 25 major projects and several small ones have been created. Very helpful in the development of projects proposals for solving the required tasks and business logic

Alex - Businessman

For 5 years of cooperation, we managed to completely transfer online auctions, expand the customer base around the world, make the work of managers easy and simple.

Raitis - Auction house owner

In the modern world, it is impossible without representations and sales in the online sphere. The person helped to understand the importance of the Internet and made all my enterprises profitable

Peteris - President of construction companies

Very pleased with the cooperation. Experience sometimes amazes with knowledge in all levels of development from appearance to control systems, search engines, servers and domains

Andrey - Owner of several online businesses

Satisfied with our cooperation. All tasks were completed on time and with high quality.

Egor - Online store owner

All projects were completed quickly and efficiently. Assistance with the organization of sales processes is invaluable. Always helping in difficult times

Murat - Catering business

Qualified professional in his field. Nothing is difficult or impossible for him. Fulfills all its obligations.

Felix - Director of IT department
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